Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Welcome to Timeless Dreams Journal. This is the official blog of Timeless Dreams Visionary Gallery, an experiment in communication. Here you will find commentary and discourse on a wide range of topics relevant to the arts in todays complex and evolving global culture.
The world around us is changing–fast. In fact, it is changing much faster than any of us can fully appreciate, understand or come to terms with. The arts have always played a key role in helping us to make sense of a confusing world by allowing us to tell our story, to speak fully to our peers, and to potentially be heard by future generations as well.
Today, it is hoped that the Internet will be able to radically extend and broaden this tradition by democratizing access to the arts in a way that is truly eclectic, multicultural, and planet-wide. The Web gives us all a voice and a method to potentially reach literally millions, if not billions of our peers. This world-wide instant audience has never before existed.
Timeless Dreams was therefore created to jump out of the art box and to get real with people who are unlikely to visit museums and perhaps are even less likely to visit upscale galleries, attend theater performances or concerts. It was created to push the limits that define the place that art supposedly occupies within our commodity-driven monetized culture. The idea is to capture the imagination and tap into the participatory inclinations of artisans, writers, cultural workers, activists – people who may or may not consider themselves to be artists, but whose stories deserve to be told in moving and genuine ways.
The Internet allows us to bring it all together within a larger context of presentation, regardless of the media used to communicate. Thus, we hope that art displayed through Timeless Dreams will take on a role much larger than it would normally play within traditional narrow channels of publication and appreciation.
The key word to remember is “surprise”. Eventually there’s going to be a lot of it to be found within these pages. Your participation is hereby invited, both within this blog, and within the gallery pages themselves.
Enjoy, contribute, and stay tuned!

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