Monday, May 26, 2008

Mostly Unsung Heros

At a time when marauding corporations and corrupt politicians are waging a relentless war upon our planet’s environment and the world’s poorest inhabitants, a few brave souls are resisting the plunder. These are the advocates for Civil Society and sustainability; champions of democracy with a small “d”, protectors of our future.

You don’t hear about them very much. You won’t find many articles about them on the front pages of the New York Times, and they don’t readily show up as pundits on CNN or Fox News. Even when they are assassinated in the line of duty, their stories are rarely covered by the “mainstream”.

They are peasant activists struggling for human dignity in Darfur and Ruwanda, and indigenous trappers and farmers striving to protect the world’s remaining wild rivers and vanishing rain forests. Their passion is embodied by a young woman who valiantly stood in front of a bulldozer poised to demolish a family’s home in Palestine, who paid with her life, and who was also an inspiring poet and diarist. They build beautiful giant puppets to parade in the streets calling for world peace, only to have their constructions smashed and confiscated by those hiding behind helmets, Tasers and billy clubs. They are gunned down trying to feed starving children in Burma and imprisoned protesting the occupation and destruction in Tibet. They have always been here, putting their bodies and souls on the line for what they deeply believe in. They are change agents, defenders of our common connection.

Activists and artists share much in common. Both populations tend to live on the margins, and as such, their viewpoints often run counter to the prevailing winds of established ideology.

Historically, great art has always touched our deepest core and called forth our highest aspirations. Those who have chosen to honestly live by those aspirations continually take great risks in order to create a beautiful world safe enough for our children.

Our warriors of hope deserve honor and full recognition. Some have been honored previously with Nobel Peace Prizes, Goldman Environmental Prizes, MacArthur Fellowships. The vast majority of them are never acknowledged, and their stories have never been told.

Timeless Dreams has decided to create a public acknowledgment of the sacrifices and contributions of our world’s bravest unsung heros.

Starting on or before the Winter Solstice, December 21, 2012, we shall announce the first recipients of the Timeless Dreams Award. These citations will be announced biannually. They will be accompanied by a campaign aimed at sharpening public focus upon the issues represented by the work of the Award’s recipients.

As our network continues to grow and unfold, it is hoped that the Timeless Dreams Award can play some small role in restoring balance and authenticity to coverage of issues so crucial to human survival and the survival of all life on Earth.

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